Source Released Description
CRC32 v2.0
A simple program I wrote that calculates a 32-bit checksum for any file.  I used it to verify that files weren't being corrupted while being pulled across the network.  If anything, the source is good because it shows how to make a .COM file.
N64 Test v1.21
Tests your N64 adapter.  Displays data in three forms for easy reading.  Supports up to four controllers, simultaneously or individually.  Allows you to specify LPT port and command being sent.
RBDUtil v2.0
A Win32 utility, similar to VGS, for transfering data between your PC and Super WildCard, Super Magicom, or Super Magic Drive
SNESAmp v3.1
An input plug-in for Winamp that plays SPC files
(VC2005, NASM)
SNES APU emulator library for Windows and Linux.
SPCTool v0.62
A mess of source code for an unreleased version of SPCTool.  I'm not even sure if it will compile, but here it is for nostalgic purposes.
SPC to ROM v1.1
A program that converts SPC's to ROM's
WaveOut WDM v1.1
A replacement wave out plug-in for Winamp that uses the extensible capabilites of the WDM (has bugs)