Olympic National Forest
Quinault Rain Forest
A waterfall near Lake Quinault
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A BIG pine tree, 300+ feet tall
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Some Oregon Oxalis
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Some moss
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A tree that's fallen across a gully.  In the picture, it looks like a trail through the brush.
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Organic matter growing on the fallen tree from above
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Fallen trees and tree stumps often provide protection for tree seedlings.  Eventually this stump will rot away, leaving a hollow spot under the new tree for... I don't know, a bear or something.
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This one turned out kind of fuzzy, but I liked the texture of the wood
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Magic yellow flowers or a variety thereof.  (I'm not a botanist.)
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Ruby Beach
The Pacific ocean.  yep...
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The people on the right were speaking German, so I took a picture of them.  My mom and sister happened to be in the background.
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Seastacks.  I guess some people think rocks in the ocean are cool.
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Hoh Rain Forest

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A tree branch in the Hall of Mosses.  (I think the Lobby of Mosses would've been a more accurate description.)
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Sol Duc Falls

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Hurricane Ridge
A mountain shrouded in clouds.  Looking out from the visitor's center.
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Coming back down from the top, we stopped at the side of the road, I don't remember why, and I snapped this picture.
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