West Hall
Main entrance to the West Hall of the LA Convention Center
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Almost there...
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A swirling vortex of video game characters.
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Remember when the Gameboy came in one color?
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Apparently Nintendo has run out of NES games to port to the GBA, so they're resorting to earlier technologies.  Yep, I had one of those when I was four.  And yes, you do need a GBA to control it.
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A special place where people with green badge holders are not allowed to trespass.
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Initially there were four Pokémon, but someone must've been "catching 'em all" because Treecko was the only one left when I got my camera out.  Later we found that whomever caught Pikachu ate the insides and left the fuzzy shell behind the booth.  I didn't take a picture of that gruesome scene.
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On the whole I didn't think Nintendo's booth was as aesthetically stimulating as it has been.
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These people were walking around with a couple of GBA's attached to them.  Not quite the same as the people from 2001 with the jump suits who had many GBA's, but it gives you the idea.  Sort of.
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This is the highlight of E3, kids.  On the last day when all the exhibitors realize they have boxes full of swag they don't want to haul back with them, they start throwing it away.  Normally you'd have to do something incredibly difficult, like play a video game, to get the swag.  But if you're patient you can wait until the end and join the feeding frenzy of techno geeks trying to forge their spring wardrobe.
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The last two years I think Sony has had the coolest booth.  Their double tier design allows more action to be packed into a limited amount of space.  And with 50 million PS2's salting the earth, giving developers much cause to generate executable content, there was plenty of action to be had.
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I don't know why this was funny.
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Four players would play Gran Turismo 4.  All four would get a t-shirt and the winner would also got a hat.  Here we can see that the looks on the players' faces isn't one of excitement, but of serious competition.
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The players would get to have their driving skills, or lack thereof, displayed for everyone to see.
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The action itself took place on a stage not unlike some detestable game show.
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A picture of Sega's booth taken from the second floor of the Sony experience.
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Yet another Sonic the Hedgehog game.  A lot of Sonic games this year.
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Webzen is a Korean based company trying to break out of the Asian market.  Here was a display of Taiko drumming put on as an effort to draw attention to this booth back in the corner.
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South Hall
Following suit with the rest of the industry, Capcom is capitalizing on its franchises.  I like Megaman, so I guess that's okay.
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Not much to say about Microsoft other than their presence was felt like a dark, foreboding cloud on the horizon.
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nVidia was also having gaming competitions, though I'm not sure if the first place winner actually won anything besides satisfaction.  Here we can see the new Tron 2.0 in motion.  I guess you can't really see the motion in a still photograph, but try to imagine it.
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I was quite the fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the late 80's.  I once rode my bicycle ten miles to buy a Donatello action figure.
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I've never played any of the Harvest Moon games, but Natsume's booth was well lit which made for a good photo opportunity.
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Square Enix
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The back end of the South Hall.  This is the end, literally, of E3.
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