In the fall of 2004 I finished rewriting the SPC700 emulator in SNESAPU, and then any work on personal projects pretty much ended at that point.  I think after five years of dedicated emulation programming I just got tired of it.  Every few months a spark of interest has appeared then faded.  But last month I suddenly gained a big appetite for programming.   I started putting in extra hours at work, but it wasn't enough.  I'd come home and go to bed thinking about templates and algorithms and all manner of concepts that my wife calls nerdy.

So once again I'm staying up far later than I should working on projects that should be put to rest.  Long ago I planned on releasing a Windows version of SPCTool.  I have a version that's mostly working, but it's buggy.  I've peered at the code, wondering if I should dare to resurrect it, and I've decided to leave it as is.  If I tried to work on it now I don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to rewrite the whole sloppy mess.  I've had a hard enough time lately not thinking about how I could rewrite SNESAPU to make it better and easier to use.  No, time to move on.

Since I won't be working on SPCTool, I chose instead to rewrite SPCRen and make it work like the renaming ability SPCTool has.  I've also finally gotten SNESamp to a releasable state.  Both programs are in the download area as usual.

Early this year I suffered a hard drive crash.  This is the first time I've had a full on crash, where the drive just died.  In the past I've been able to mostly recover from a crash, but not this time.  Fortunately I had placed most of my source code in a CVS repository and was able to get that back.  However, the language packs for SNESamp were lost.  If anybody is up to the task, the SNESamp dialogs need to be retranslated.


Getting married seems to have a direct impact on the amount of time one spends at the computer.

I posted an update to Riffed.  I fixed an annoying bug well over a year ago, and now am getting around to actually uploading the new version.  A poor turnaround on my part, yes, but when software is free you get everything you pay for. :P

I also posted another program I wrote sometime back that I find useful.  It's used for converting numbers between various forms, and works a little better than the Windows calculator.

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