Winamp Skin Templates v2.23

Music is a part of my life, and whenever I was on the computer I would have a CD playing. When Winamp came out I was able to compress my favorite songs, put them in a play list, and let them go. If I wanted to change a CD or skip a track I could do it with the click of my mouse, which was much more convenient.

Life was good, but I wasn't too fond of the default skin. There were many alternate skins available, but none seemed to match my personality. So I set out to make my own. I downloaded the base skin from the Winamp site, but quickly found that it was just a bunch of graphics. Nothing was included to give the specific dimensions and location of each button, or to explain its use.

Through trial and error, I created a set of templates I could build on. After making my own skin, I decided that others might make use of these templates. So I documented all I know about them, and created this archive.

The templates themselves were created using AutoDesk Animator and Photoshop.

Winamp and all trademarks associated with it belong to Nullsoft

Copyright ©1999 Alpha-II Productions

Note: Currently the templates are not avaliable for download, though in time they will be. If people e-mail me I'll be encouraged to complete this project sooner.

Template Bitmaps
Each template is composed, mainly, of three colors: gray, blue, and red.

Gray - Graphic borders
Anything inside the border and the border itself will be displayed

Blue - Used to state what goes in the box

Two mode graphics:
Blue - graphic displayed in normal mode White - graphic displayed when clicked or the option is enabled
Four mode graphics:
Up/Dn - Graphic for a button when it's up (normal) or down (clicked) On/Off - Graphic for a button when it's turned on or off

Red - Used to mark regions that will be over written by other graphics

Template Descriptions
Each BMP and TXT file will be listed as below:

FILENAME (size/type) - importance

.BMP - Windows bitmap, any number of colors
.TXT - ASCII text file
.CUR - Standard Windows mouse cursor

.BMP - Size is dimensions in pixels
.TXT - Labeling and commenting is Windows standard INI or C format

Required - File is required for the skin (Although if a file is missing, Winamp will just use its internal default.)
Optional - Replaces another file, adding more options
Obsolete - This file is no longer used

Under the filename, a description of the file will be listed. If the file is a BMP, the dimensions of each graphic contained within will also be listed. Text in itallics describes bugs, quirks, and annoyances associated with the .BMP.

Template Files

BALANCE.BMP (47x433) - Optional (use with VOLUME.BMP)
Pics for the balance slider

If missing, the pics will be cropped from the volume slider.

There are 11 or 24 graphics for the slider background (depending on how the balance is adjusted), and two for the button.

Graphics (38x13):
0 - the balance at left or right
1-1A - in-between
1B - the balance in the center

There are three columns of numbers on the left. The first column marks the graphics used when the balance is adjusted with the slider on the main window. The next two colums mark the graphics used for left to center and right to center when the balance is adjusted with the slider on the equalizer windowshade.

Button (14x11):

P - Current balance
M - Clicked on/moved

CBUTTONS.BMP (136x36) - Required
Play control buttons, not to be confused with the contol buttons in the corner of each window

Play control buttons (23x18):
Track Back, Play, Pause, Stop, and Track Forward

Eject (22x16):

Open file(s)
Notice the eject button is smaller than the rest.

EQMAIN.BMP (275x315) - Required
Graphics for equalizer window

Window (275x102):
All regions in red are overwritten

Control buttons (9x9):

Close window buttons
See EQ_EX.BMP for other control buttons

On/Off buttons (58x12):

Equilizer On/Off (25x12)
Auto On/Off (33x12)

Title bars (275x14):

The red regions will not be overwritten until clicked on

Slider Button (11x11):

P - Normal
M - Clicked on/moved

Slider Graphics (14x63):

0-D - -20 to -0.10db
E - 0db
F-1B - +1.6 to +20db

Presets button (4x12)

Graphic Equilizer (113x19)

Spline curve thingy (1x19):

The pixels in this column are the colors used in the graphic equilizer

Preamp Level (113x1):

This line marks the preamp level in the graphic equilizer

EQ_EX.BMP (275x56) - Required
Extended graphics for the equalizer window/window shade

Windowshade (275x14):
The red regions will not be overwritten until clicked on

Slider boxes:

These are the boundaries of the slider buttons
Volume (97x7)
Balance (42x7)

Slider buttons (3x7):

The first three graphics are used for volume positions 0-33, 34-66, and 67-100 percent
The next three are used for balance positions Left-34, 33-33, and 34-Right.

Control buttions (9x9)

FONT.BMP (155x78) - Obsolete
Playlist font

The playlist now uses a user defined Windows font

Font banks (152x18):
Normal hi-lited
Current hi-lited

MAIN.BMP (275x116) - Required
Winamp background graphic

Main window (275x102)

About box (14x15):

This box, in the lower, right-hand corner, will bring up the About window when clicked on.

Red regions are overwritten on load except:

The time display, analyzer, title, KBPS, and kHz are over written only during play
The position bar is over written only when the input plugin supports it

MB.BMP - Required
Graphics for mini browser

(currently no template)

MONOSTER.BMP (56x24) - Required
Mono/Stereo lights

Stereo (29x12)

Mono (27x12)

In Winamp the graphic is displayed "Mono Stereo", yet in the .BMP it's... well... screwy. If you were to number the boxes left to right, top to bottom. Boxes 4&1 would be displayed for stereo and 2&3 for monaural.

NUMBERS.BMP (99x13) - Required
The numbers for the time display

Characters (9x13):
0-9 - Numbers 0-9 The last character is the space to the left of the time.
If the display is time remaining, the middle row of pixels in the 8 is used for the "-".

NUMS_EX.BMP (108x13) - Optional (replaces NUMBERS.BMP)
The numbers for the time display

Characters (9x13):
0-9 - Numbers 0-9
" " - Space to the left of the time
"-" - Used when display is time remaining

PLAYPAUS.BMP (42x9) - Required
These are the icons in the time display

Play (8x9)

Pause and Stop (9x9)

Space (2x9):

Displayed to the left of Pause and Stop

Network traffic (3x9):

The first is displayed when a stream is flowing well
The second is displayed when there's net congestion

PLEDIT.BMP - Required
Playlist editor

(description coming)

PLEDIT.TXT (INI format) - Required
Defines the colors and font for the playlist.

Colors are given in 24-bit RGB hex format (0-FFFFFF)

POSBAR.BMP (307x10) - Required
Marks/adjusts the current position in the song

Bar (248x10):
The position bar

Button (29x10):

POS - Current position
MOV - Clicked on/moved

REGION.TXT (INI format) - Optional
Defines a polygon region to specify what parts of the skin to display

(Click on link for a description)

SHUFREP.BMP (92x85) - Required
Shuffle/Repeat buttons and graphic equalizer/playlist editor buttons

Shuffle/Rep (75x15):
Repeat (28x15)
Shuffle (47x15)

Eq/PL (46x12):

Graphic Equalizer (23x12)
Playlist Editor (23x12)
The buttons are displayed "Shuffle Rep", yet in the .BMP it's stored backwards. Also, the leftmost column of pixels in the Rep button over lap the rightmost column of pixels in the Shuffle button.

SPEC.BMP (66x16) - Obsolete
Graphics for spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope.

No other information is known.

TEXT.BMP (155x18) - Required
Font for title display

Characters (5x6):

e - ellipses "..."

Some users opt to use a Windows font instead of TEXT.BMP

Graphics for the main window title bar, window shade, control buttons, and option buttons

(description coming)

VISCOLOR.TXT (C format) - Required
Specifies colors for spectrum analyzer and oscilliscope

Colors are given in RGB decimal format (0-255) separated by commas

VOLUME.BMP (65x433) - Required
Pics for the volume slider

There are 28 graphics for the slider background, and two for the button

Graphics (65x13):

0 - volume at 0
1-1A - inbetween
1B - volume at 100 percent

Button (14x11):

P - Normal
M - Clicked on/moved
The graphics boxes have a smaller, dark gray box inside them. These boxes will be cropped out and used for the balance slider if you don't create a BALANCE.BMP.

The volume slider can display 68 pixels, but the button will only move over 65.

MOUSE.CUR (32x32) - Optional
The following is list of all cursor filenames, and over what graphics they appear.
(All cursors have a .CUR extension)

Main Window:
CLOSE - Close button
MAINMENU - Menu icon
MIN - Window
NORMAL - Default cursor
POSBAR - Song position
SONGNAME - Song title
TITLEBAR - Titlebar
VOLBAL - Volume and balance slider
WINBUT - Window shade button

Main (Windowshade mode):

WSNORMAL - Default cursor
WSPOSBAR - Song position

Equalizer Window:

EQCLOSE - Close button
EQNORMAL - Default cursor
EQSLID - Slider
EQTITLE - Titlebar

Playlist Editor:

PCLOSE - Close button
PNORMAL - Default cursor
PSIZE - Window resize
PTBAR - Titlebar
PVSCROLL - Scrollbar
PWINBUT - Minimize/restore button

Playlist (Windowshade mode):

PWSNORM - Default cursor
PWSSIZE - Resize

Unknown use, maybe obsolete: